Monday, 29 August 2011

Planning for Christmas?

Yes, the kids are not yet back at school and I am thinking of Christmas already.  Not family plans, menus or pressie lists you understand - I am very much last minute on that sort of stuff.  But the arrival of Christmas fabric catalogues has me drooling and has sparked off a million ideas for Christmas products.  Christmas gift bags, bottle bags and gift sets at least are all in the plans for this year. If only I can decide which print to choose.
I have had a busy couple of days finishing off a bespoke wedding favour order before heading off for a much-needed long weekend by the sea, despite the horrible weather forecast.  We are very British when it comes to our precious seaside trips and have been known to build sandcastles in the rain and paddle whilst wrapped up in parkas.  Mad but memorable! I do hope the weathermen are wrong though - feel in need of a bit of sunshine. Another summer seems to have passed by without much of a summer.
We have also had a Lootybag logo emblazoned on our car rear window curtesy of the wonderful people at Scotprint in Oswestry. Definitely deserve an A* for service there.  Don't know what you think of this kind of advertising but it would seem good value to me especially as a Mum going to all the sorts of places other Mum's go to.  Also picked up our fliers which look utterly fabulous and will hopefully be appearing on notice boards up and down the country soon.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Minsterley Show - Sat 20th Aug

We had a stand in the craft tent at Minsterly Show on Saturday.
Minsterley is the counties oldest one day agricultural show, but it is so much more than that.  Being new to Shropshire I had never been but I would thoroughly recommend it as a day out if you have a young family.  Lots of animals to see, stands, funfair and shows plus lots of free kids entertainment.  It is held in a farm field so good shoes are needed - it was a dustbowl this year but I am told wellies are normally the order of the day, even if it is a dry day.
We a had a really good day.  I sold yards and yards of bunting again and took bespoke orders for miles more - one order to decorate a village hall for a wedding - thats a lot of flags! The world seems to have gone bunting bonkers!
My delux part bags with hand sewn applique and embroidery were best sellers again and the long wooden snakes we recently introduced (each is nearly 3 foot long) were greeted with wide eyes and joy by most small boys.

Both via my website and at the show I have taken some exciting bespoke orders.  People are just bursting with such fabulous ideas.  Most of the sewing I have been doing this week I cannot say too much about because the wedding is yet to happen and it would spoil the surprise for the guests, but I have been making favours that are so original and amusing - I love them.  I will tell you more later. I am hoping the customer will allow me to copy her idea and add them to my range.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

A week of Bunting and Birthdays

Its been a bunting week this week.  I have sewed miles of it. Has the world gone bunting mad? It is gorgeous though, just thinking about it makes me smile - happiness on a string!.
Purple bunting is now back in stock.
I have sewn lots of bespoke bunting which is always a lovely job.  I made one mad length of random upcycled mismatched fabrics that I love so much I will introduce something similar to the website soon.
I made another length out of some of my stock fabrics with some additional flags made from beautiful cushion covers the client wanted to recycle.
The youngest member of our household was 7 this weekend - a very special age to be of course, so grown up! Now I am no Jane Asher, sugarcraft is not my thing,  but I did discover a book in my local library called Complete Cake Decorating by Angela Nilsen & Sarah Maxwell.  It has ideas that need not too much skill to get a decent result.  Here is a photo of my mermaid cake that is not perfect but all the 7 year olds were very impressed with.  One of those rare "I am such a great Mum" moments.    
Had a fabulous day at the Shrewsbury Flower Show for a birthday treat, even staying for the fantastic late night fireworks.  Could have done with them going off the next afternoon - may just about have drowned out the noise of  half a dozen 7 year old guests having fun in the garden - boy can girls scream. Yes a party in the garden at last.  You would think a mid August birthday would be pretty much assured some decent weather but this is the first in 7 years.  Every other year it has monsooned - I have video of a bouncy castle floating around my lawn like a boat in a rather ferocious thunder storm one year.
The only thing to ruin a perfect birthday was the fact that daddy won the family sunflower growing competition - again.  Four years running.  We are sure there must be some foul play going on - he must sneak out at night with extra liquid feed or something. To be fair it is a pretty good sunflower - given that he is 6 foot 2 you can see it is a fair size. Next year will be my year I am sure of it. Anyone got any secret tips?
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