Monday, 29 August 2011

Planning for Christmas?

Yes, the kids are not yet back at school and I am thinking of Christmas already.  Not family plans, menus or pressie lists you understand - I am very much last minute on that sort of stuff.  But the arrival of Christmas fabric catalogues has me drooling and has sparked off a million ideas for Christmas products.  Christmas gift bags, bottle bags and gift sets at least are all in the plans for this year. If only I can decide which print to choose.
I have had a busy couple of days finishing off a bespoke wedding favour order before heading off for a much-needed long weekend by the sea, despite the horrible weather forecast.  We are very British when it comes to our precious seaside trips and have been known to build sandcastles in the rain and paddle whilst wrapped up in parkas.  Mad but memorable! I do hope the weathermen are wrong though - feel in need of a bit of sunshine. Another summer seems to have passed by without much of a summer.
We have also had a Lootybag logo emblazoned on our car rear window curtesy of the wonderful people at Scotprint in Oswestry. Definitely deserve an A* for service there.  Don't know what you think of this kind of advertising but it would seem good value to me especially as a Mum going to all the sorts of places other Mum's go to.  Also picked up our fliers which look utterly fabulous and will hopefully be appearing on notice boards up and down the country soon.


  1. Love your back window advertising. Excellent when stuck in traffic queues, I would have thought!

    I must say I have noticed a few people shopping for Christmas already in my online shop. The super-organised, obviously!

    Must admit I also love a seaside trip - and although it's nicer when the sun shines, it's always lovely to see the sea! x

  2. Love the car signage... now where can I have that on my bike, tee hee!

  3. I think it's never too early to think of Christmas. It comes round way too quickly.

    And we've often done the same as you on the beach in the wind & rain. If you live in the middle of the country like I do, any chance to be at the seaside has to be made the most of.

  4. Love the car window sign, advertisement on the go :) x

  5. Your car looks great! It is never too early to think of Christmas, fabric catalogues sound lovely!
    Jo x