Monday, 26 September 2011

A Milestone

I reached a milestone this week. I started this little business back in Easter this year, and placed an order for 2000 sew in Lootybag labels which I half expected would last me years.  They arrived in bags of 500.
I finished my first bag of labels this week. The 500th item I made was a blue camouflage drawstring party bag, perhaps not particularly significant as it is one of my normal range, and not a bespoke creation, but it was important to me. So I took some photos of its creation

Sewing in the drawstring.

Sewing in the precious 500th Lootybag label.

A whizz across the corners to make the flat base which makes the bags stand up and easy to fill.

Trim off the loose ends and tidy up the corners.

And voila, one very special blue camouflage drawstring party bag waiting to thrill the recipient, all from my ancient old Singer sewing machine.

Having finished that I sewed a few more to keep it company then had a wee celebration that evening.  One of those days when running your own new business is the best thing in the world.
It was then made a fabulous week when we found we had been nominated for the Good Web Guide Website of the Year award.  It would be lovely for our 2 fabulous web designers Kirsty Burgoine of and Nicola Brown of in-theshed if we could be shortlisted.  They were a delight to work with and if you think they did as good a job as we do please follow the link and vote for Lootybag.

Hello to all my friends at Handmade Monday.  Follow the link if you are interested in all things handmade and utterly gorgeous.


  1. Well done on finishing the first bag of labels - the next ones will soon disappear too. Good luck with the Good Website of the Year award.


  2. Sounds like you're having a good week! Good luck with the next 500 and the website award

  3. A milestone indeed! Good luck with the award x

  4. That is a mega milestone... well done!

  5. Good luck with the award, blue camouflage fabric is great for bags, here's to many more labels.

    Jan x