Monday, 12 September 2011

More bunting

Hello to all at Handmade Monday
The kids are back at school, my daughter still sporting her plastic cast on her broken ankle and milking it for all the attention and sympathy she can possible get.
It seems so very odd and quiet at home, but less of a challenge to get on with some work. Amazing how quickly you get used to bedlam!

I had a lady talk to me recently about a bespoke order for pirate bunting.  As I have some pretty menacing skull and cross bone fabric for party bags I set to making bunting with it.  I am really pleased with the results.  I have loaded it to my website here for you to have a look.  I think it would be great for pirate parties, boys bedrooms or dens and as a Halloween decoration too. Certainly the young boys in my family are all keen for me to make them some.

Also done some work on pre-filled party bags and gift sets, as we are being asked more and more to supply these.  Our dinosaur set is proving very popular.  Having some difficulty sourcing the range of party bag toys I want that are eco-friendly and ethically produced but do not cost a fortune.  If you have any ideas they would be very welcome.  AND one of my current suppliers has decided to stop making wooden animal castanets - one of my biggest sellers.  I can see a week glued to the internet trawling through wholesalers, not really my idea of a good time - prefer to be glued to the sewing machine.

Talking of sewing machines I produce all my stuff on a 22 year old basic Singer I got as a 21st birthday pressie.  It is a trusty machine that I have used just about every day I have had it without trouble.  I have dragged it around the world and it has resided with me in 38 different houses across the globe, including 4 years on a ship sailing the high seas.  It started playing up a bit this week and I thought perhaps it was beginning to age.  Then I realised I had not done any maintenance for a very long time.  I removed the bottom cover and the amount of fluff stuffed in around the spool carrier was unbelievable.  Half an hour with a pair of tweezers, and a good oiling later and it is as good as new.  My engineer hubby has now put regular maintenance checks on the calendar to remind me to give it the TLC it deserves. Looking forward to the next 22 years together. Wonder what we will make?


  1. I broke my ankle about 3 years ago, so know all about getting as much sympathy as possible. I love the pirate bunting.


  2. Sometimes those old machines are best and most trustworthy. Fun bunting

  3. Love the story about your sewing machine! I gave my old one (bought about 1980 I think) to my daughter in law this year after having it cleaned and adjusted etc. The guy said it was in excellent shape (as it should be, it was barely used as I only made halloween costumes, a few baby clothes and the odd repair etc). LOL I did buy myself a new one and promise that this fall I would learn to use ALL of its functions! No, really!
    Also love the pirate bunting. Altho my sons are all now married and grown, they would have loved it when they were kids. And dinosaurs too. Wow. :)

  4. Its lovely to think you've been using your sewing machine all those years :)

  5. I too have a daughter with her arm in a cast all summer - made life interesting at times and use a very old singer sewing machine! Love the bunting! Have you tried Baker Ross for party bag fillers?
    Jo x