Monday, 5 September 2011

Our seaside "trip" and a busy week of party bag making

Well our weekend by the sea did not go quite as planned, and it was not just the awful weather spoiling the party.  On the first evening at our campsite we headed to the kids club mini disco.  Lots of fun was being had until our daughter tripped over whilst whirling around.  Several doctors, A&E departments and X rays later she is now sporting a huge plastic "moon boot" cast on her leg and a lime green walking frame.  Still, at least it saves us from having to join the queues in Clarks for new school shoes. Hopefully it will be quiet and they will have restocked by the time we can go for a fitting.
I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a wedding favour bespoke order I had received which excited me as I thought it was so original and witty. I can now share the details.   Camouflage drawstring bags are always popular with boys, either as party bags or in larger sizes as shoe bags or PE bags, however I was intrigued when a lady contacted me to ask if I could make quite tiny camouflage drawstring bags.  I of course said yes and discovered she was planning her wedding.  She, her hubby-to-be and many of their friends are keen on fishing, involving lots of camo clothing and kit.  She commissioned me to make little camouflage favour bags to be filled with foil covered chocolate fish!  I imagine they will cause much amusement and I am assured they will be useful afterwards for storing line weights and other little bits vital for fishermen (is it obvious I know nothing about fishing? I have to admit I do not think I have ever picked up a fishing rod.)
My daughter keeps popping into the spare room where I work and was very unimpressed with all the camouflage fabric - "boring boy stuff" apparently. She much prefers when I have pretty projects on the go. No sooner had I finished this order when another large order for party bags popped up from my website, so she was soon much happier playing with offcuts of pretty, girly fabrics.
At the recent Minsterley Show I discussed PE bags with many parents of children about to start school or nursery.  This resulted on me taking some bespoke orders for smaller drawstring backpacks, as the standard size I make is a little too big for under fives.  I have now added this smaller size to our rucksack/backpack category on the website.  They are robustly made from machine washable cotton print with waterproof lining so perfect for the rigours of everyday life.  The photo shows the red cars print small backpack which has been popular with boys and I will soon add some girly prints to the range too.

To celebrate the forthcoming peace and quiet as the kids go back to school we are offering a free gft with your first order placed throughout Sept and Oct.  If you are particularly organised many of our eco-friendly party bag fillers are perfect as stocking fillers too.


  1. Those mini camo bags are a fab idea! My fiancé is a keen fisherman and these would go down great at our wedding!

  2. I would be happy to make some for you, I think they are such fun. Drop me an email and we can chat about it

  3. What a lovely and very different idea for favours! I love customers coming up with something different. Love the smaller bags for little ones too. x

  4. What a great idea! Camo favour bags. I wish I had thought of something so different for my wedding. But hey, not sure fish would have gone down well, even if they were chocies lol.

    Love the post!

  5. I love the ideas of fishy filled favours, what a thoughtful idea. I got a call from my local yarn shop asking me to do some emergency embroidery on a PE bag, as mum did not know how to sew :)

  6. That's something different for a wedding!