Monday, 3 October 2011

Cakes with goodness hidden inside

I set up at a craft fair this weekend and next to me was a local part time business by 2 ladies making cakes called Sugar and Spice.  Both were mums used to baking for little ones and their cakes certainly had the youngsters flocking around their stall.  One of their best sellers was a delicious, fudgy chocolate brownie.  Unknown to most who ate it (at least until they had finished) was the fact that they were made with beetroot.  A delicious way to get a very virtuous but almost universally hated veg into little ones (and grown ups come to that).  They can also be made with grated courgette if you have a glut of those.  Courgettes do need all the juice squeezed out of them first though - apparently wrapping in a clean dish towel and wringing them out is the easiest way but I haven't tried that yet - all my courgettes are finished.  They died off early due to the summer drought I think.

They very kindly shared their recipe
250g dark cooking chocolate
250g butter
250g caster sugar
3 eggs
150g self raising flour
250g cooked beetroot grated (or grated raw courgette with excess juice squeezed out)

Melt chocolate and butter together.  Add eggs and sugar.  Mix
Gently add beetroot and flour, stirring just enough to combine.  (You can add chopped nuts and or raisins if you like at this stage)
Pour into a 20cm square tin and bake for 20mins at 180C.

On the work side I have been sewing like a demon, trying to build up some stock after a couple of large orders.  My efforts were thwarted by a couple of desperate Mums phoning with very last minute requests for bespoke bags for next day delivery. I love a challenge so of course said yes.  The only problem is, when I am sewing like a mad women my workroom very quickly looks a bombsite as I throw what I have been working on to one side to make room for the new top priority project.  One of the fabrics I was sewing was finer than much of my usual stock, and as the pieces started to pucker and catch I realised my machine needle was completely worn blunt.  I didn't remember to change that in my big sewing machine TLC session last week did I. Now I had better get on with some tidying up.


  1. I can sympathise with the bombsite look, happens frequently here in East Hampshire, lol.

    Not sure about courgette in cakes, love carrot and do love beetroot so that I may try.

  2. Brilliant - I made some cakes with my courgette glut and they were fab. I used gluten free flour too and even the veg haters munched the cake up!

    My courgettes also stopped producing suddenly, but it may have been because I left a couple of courgettes on there which (of course) grew into giant spaceships, as they do. I think that, coupled with the dry weather, finished them off.

  3. Oooh I love using beetroot in cakes and then watching people's faces when you tell them. Good to hear how popular your bags are becoming :)

  4. Beetroot in cake? What a great idea. Love beetroot, love cakes, so why not together.


  5. I've come across beetroot in cake but never been brave enough to try it. Beetroot generally makes me boik lol But thanks for the recipe, maybe i will attempt it one day...

  6. Might be worth a try. I used to cook actual healthy things for my kids (cookies sweetened with fruit and no sugar, etc). I keep planning to post those old recipes. But never tried beetroot.

  7. Heard of using the wonders of veg in cake, but with the exception of the wondrous carrot I am yet to try out any other veggie based cakes. Sounds interesting though.

  8. My work area is often like a bombsite, but needs must. I love the idea of the beet cake, a must try recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

    Jan x