Monday, 10 October 2011

Cardboard, cardboard and more cardboard plus Hello Handmade

We have been ordering all sorts of new exciting products recently, both to extend our party bag ranges and specifically to introduce ranges for babies and toddlers, like the little recovery truck shown left which is suitable from 12 months.  We also have some Christmas stocking fillers. These wooden Christmas slide whistles are just gorgeous aren't they?  I received my Christmas fabrics this week - I cannot wait to get creative with it. Their delivery coincided with us reorganising and relocating our stock storage.  For a couple of days our home became a cardboard box obstacle course.  Wednesday was school Harvest Festival and the delivery due that day thankfully arrived in time to let us attend, but only just.  We literally dumped the boxes in the hall and ran for the door.  Getting back in was quite amusing.
Harvest festival got me thinking.  Although I am not particularly religious it did make me think about stopping for a while and being thankful for what we do have, rather than in the constant pursuit of what we do not have.

We are very excited to have joined together in a sort of co-op with a group of fellow small businesses across the UK who produce high quality handmade products like us.  The brainchild of Gill Oglesby, who makes some simply stunning jewellery, we support each other by advertising and showcasing each others products, and by each member sending their customers exclusive offers valid across the whole group.  Gill has launched an energetic facebook and twitter campaign and we are all part of an online and leaflet campaign.  Just click on the Hello Handmade banner to access exclusive offers for us and our partners.  It has only been going a few days and has already generated us two large orders.  By sharing the advertising it saves us all both cost and effort - allowing us to get on with what we do best - making our products.

Hello to all at Handmade Monday, a fab group of handmade blogs, and thanks to everyone who took the time to reply, twitter or email me with how much you enjoyed my recipe for chocolate beetroot brownie.  A lot of lucky kids were treated to some fab home baking last week and none of them though for one minute there might be VEGETABLES (Yuck) in it.  Just a few may be convinced that there are yummy things you can make with ugly muddy things from the garden.


  1. Looking forward to seeing some of your Christmas fabric made into bags - isn't new stuff the best for getting the creative juices flowing!!

    Ali x

  2. Oh I know the cardboard box obstacle course so well! Enjoy making those fabrics up into bags x

  3. Ha! You have brought back memories of when my older brother bought his nephew a drum from Christmas... at 11.00am on Christmas Day my Aunt sent him upstairs to help my brother rise from his pit... it worked!

    Great treats for Christmas :)

  4. I can't find the 'Hello Handmade Banner'to click on, it all sounds interesting.

    Jan x

  5. Those little whistles are so cute! I had boys, and I know how much they love noisy toys. :)

  6. the recovery truck looks really sturdy and the whistles are great! Kids would love them. Mich :)