Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting arty with your little ones

We went to a fabulous family day at Shropshire Wildlife Trust this weekend.  They had an absolutely brilliant art activity making hedgehogs that kids from 2 to about 10 were all really enjoying.  I thought I would share it with you, as it is perfect for those bored half term moments, particularly if the weather is not great.
Here is a photo of the finished product my 7 year old daughter (little Lootybag!) made.
You will need:
A small box (cereal carton or similar)
A piece of stiff card, a little longer than the box .
Pine cones.
Clay, plasticine or play doh, preferably in brownish colour (that yucky sludgy colour you get if all the olours get mixed together is just perfect!)
Dry leaves and twigs.

For the hedgehog:  Make a little cone of clay for the head and push it onto the pointy end of the pine cone.  Poke 2 small holes for eyes with a pencil.

For their nest: Cut a window in the side of the box, leaving an edge at least 1 cm wide all the way round.  The box can be painted if you are feeling particularly brave.  Cut the stiff card into a strip that is narrow enough to fit in the box.  Fold the ends down to make legs.  Slip into the box to make a sort of shelf.  Fill under the shelf with twigs. Glue leaves onto the shelf and inside the back of the box. The pinecone hedgehogs can then either be glued in, or left free to play with in their "nest".

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